Custom Mixing

QPoly manufactures a wide range of Fluoroelastomer grades for a variety of applications.

Fluoroelastomer Types

  • 66% Fluorine, "A" Grades

  • 68% Fluorine, "B" Grades

  • 70% Fluorine, "F" Grades

  • 50 - 95 Durometer

  • Bisphenol Cured

  • Peroxide Cured

  • Low Viscosity

  • Low Temperature

  • Low Post Cure

  • Color Options


  • General Purpose

  • Low Cost

  • O-Ring

  • Military

  • Aerospace

  • FDA Compliant

  • Bonding to Metal

  • Oil / Gas

  • Automotive

  • Wire & Cable

Check out some of our standard compounds:

GP-200B & GP-400B Series

The GP 200B and 400B Series are the go-to product for General Purpose molding. These are well rounded products intended for a broad range of applications and meet most of the ASTM D2000 line call-out requirements. The 200B series is a lower viscosity grade for injection molding and complex geometries. The 400B is suitable for compression and transfer molding.

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LCS-100B Series

The LCS-100B Series is a high performance grade meant for injection molding of complex geometries and has excellent performance with a Low Compression Set.

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